A Victim Of Truth?

Say what! Say what?

I KNOW that I am a victim of many things: no wait, that’s not true either. I’ve come to the place where I no longer see myself as a victim; however, we are living in a progressively growing victim society where entitlement and their program dominate our worldview. Lawsuit abuse has become all too common in our world. There are victims everywhere.

Lo and behold though I discover that I’ve become a VICTIM of TRUTH!

I’m not complaining- just surprised at the discovery.

Gina Lake puts it well where she writes, “You can’t desire to know the Truth. Instead, this desire CONSUMES you at a certain point, and YOU are its victim.” You see, the EGO, the “me” that I think I am, is not interested in Truth but the illusions of truth that it fills my mind with every moment. The ego is a very realistic illusion that wants nothing to do with truth.

Those who SEEK the Lord (the traditional statement) with all their heart and soul and forsake what the world might think, can get caught up in the Essence of the Spirit and before knowing it become enslaved (albeit slowly) to the Truth. I don’t know the degree to which I am being enslaved by the Truth; however, I do know it’s growing.

And I do love it so!!!! :-)

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