Abba Father?

Torturing people without end, with no redemptive purpose in mind- out right cruelty without end, is the picture of God that Jesusu painted? This is Abba Father? Explain it to me please. Justice you say? How is eternal, infinite hell a just recompense for finite temporal sins? Explain that too.

Hans Kung (1928 – is a Catholic priest, an eminent Swiss theologian, and a prolific author and he remains a Catholic priest in good standing, though the Vatican has rescinded his authority to teach Catholic theology) asked the question this way, “What would we think of a human being who satisfied his thirst for revenge as the church depicts God does with an eternal hell”?

There’s simply no rational way to answer that!

Explain to me how this shows for the moral goodness of God. Sure we have free will, and who gave us that? And that which God gave us, He’s now going to nail us with an eternal hell, knowing full well, in advance (omniscience) what decisions we’d make? This is in any way rationale? God sees this as love? This is just? Is there any sanity at all to such a doctrine?

God is love, and hell is the price for not knowing that? Me thinks literalists speak with forked-tongue! :-(

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  • Sure we have free will,

    I’m going to quote what I wrote about this on another blog: “If humans did have free will, then God’s will would be absolutely meaningless; and that is wrong, because that would mean man is superior to God.”

    We merely *think* we have “free will”, in order to validate our decisions. The truth is a greater power (God) is at work. Various verses in the Bible confirm this.

    Martin Zender: Free Will and the “Oh Well” Creed
    Good News about God: Do We Really Have Free Will?

    (Both authors also believe in Universal Restoration.)

  • Good stuff Shelly! Out of the religious, “I know all there is to know about God”, BOX! :-)

  • Hi Ernie- I’m a 62 year old former Southern Baptist, deacon for 21+ years. I went on this journey starting in late 2004. Must be something in the air about then. Check out my blog as well as
    Their a group of UR guys and my friends.

  • I hit the road in Nov. of 2004 and have not stopped. Jim Goll and many others did it in 1992 and I do believe the Spirit started a more intense “stirring” 3+ years ago. Keep on the road! Where are you located?

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