An Ethical Conundrum

To LIE or NOT to LIE, that is the question!

Say what?

If you are a God-fearing, Jesus-loving, and ethically-sound individual, of course, you don’t lie. I guess that would assume that we knew what was TRUE and what wasn’t true but I won’t take that detour this time down the road. Let’s cut straight to the “chase” as they say (who are they?).

Telling the truth (as we know it to be) is good counsel: wise advice.

But, would you agree that that ALWAYS telling the truth would definitely unnecessarily hurt people? Think about it before you give me a rote answer. Let me get at the question-answer with the following question. Do you LIE and hurt someone, or do you, out of love, withhold the truth?

Ah, you say that’s a different color.

But, it is a very common moral dilemma. Being loving is often times more important than being completely honest. If someone is looking to kill a friend of yours and you know where they are, do you give them the answer so they can be killed or do you LIE and say you don’t know?

Too easy of a question? Some hard-line fundamentalists would point to the location of their friend (what a friend).

Here’s the point I want to make and it’s not once easily known in our world today. LOVE TRUMPS MORAL BELIEFS even when those moral beliefs promote good behavior generally. For me, it’s an ethical conundrum.

And you?

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