An Unbelievable Love!

We say, because the Bible says, that God is LOVE.

We say that God is just and punishes because that’s LOVE as we know it.

We say that God rewards good behavior because that’s how we understand LOVE.

We say God is unconditionally LOVING because that sounds greater than our LOVE.

And yet when it comes down to us we have NO UNDERSTANDING of God’s LOVE: no way, no how. And that’s a very good thing. When we put the definition of our LOVE on to what the nature of God’s LOVE is, we make a big mistake. I’m just greatly content and excited to know that there’s no way I can describe God’s LOVE.

The closest to it that I have seen was from my Mother, in so many ways.

There’s another example of LOVE that Michelle Longo O’Donnell tells that probably only a mom would know. She describes the picture as follows.

“Have you ever loved a baby so much that you could hardly breathe? The poopoo all over you and they spit up all over you and they keep you up all night and they are demanding and narcissistic and for a long time you don’t even get a smile back that isn’t a gas pain. But you keep on LOVING and you keep on LOVING, because your heart is so full of LOVE, you can’t do anything but that, because LOVE sees differently.”

And that’s still just human LOVE!!!

So, how in the world can we understand or define God’s love? I simply say it’s an UNBELIEVEABLE LOVE, and one that like grace, doesn’t end with our physical death.

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