Born Again?

Most people aren’t aware that the phrase “born again” wasn’t a mainstream concept deeply embedded in religion (and then primarily just those of the Baptist ilk) until 150 years ago, arising out of the Bible Belt in the South of America.

Yes, the concept is in the Bible: however, what religion has made of it isn’t anything like what I think Jesus was saying. Things can be true on the surface, but invalid at a deeper level. Most people spend way too much time on the exoteric things of life, missing the deeply gratifying esoteric aspects of life.

Waking up in today’s world isn’t an easy thing to do!

However, once we begin to awaken to the reality that there’s more to life than our physical body is experiencing, once we realize that there’s an etheric shell that’s directing energy to our physical bodies, and once we realize that we are ONE with all things, we’ve begun the process of being BORN AGAIN!

And yes, I said we BEGIN the process.

Transformation isn’t a moment in time, but TIME, period. It’s much like salvation as I see it. Saved from WHAT? Saved WHEN? Transformation and salvation is the journey of life here in the third dimension. It is gradual and not without some good old religious “backsliding”, if you know what I’m saying.

The question that you and we all need to answer is, have we been born again, or is the EGO still killing (it’s called till-birth) every attempt at that process?

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