Here you go once again, back on that energy stuff!

Well, it does work, it is real, and we need to quit living in our LIMITED capacity. I’m talking about more than seeing auras or colors of the etheric body of others, or yourself in a mirror. Clairsentience is in the psi family of clairvoyance and clairaudience. I am more familiar with clairsentience, especially as it vibrates within me.

Our bodies are great antennas, but we need to learn to pick up the messages- vibrations.

Many years ago I began to notice a correlation between my right hand twitching and FEELING the spirit move within me. I’m not talking about a “Toronto Blessing” shaking and baking movement. Been there done that: very briefly. I also began to see the relationship between a weird muscle-movement in my left chest just before giving a prophetic word.

And then the best one!

Before something BAD was to happen or AS it was happening, my left leg, actually just my thigh would become COLD. It took some time for me to awaken to the cause-effect relationship on these and other bodily sensations. After all, our body pains tell us about a host of things in advance: why not spiritual things as well?

You game? Start paying attention to your body and the energy given off by others.

6 Responses to “Clairsentience?”

  • I truly feel that the three hallowed “O’s” of Christianity (omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence) are making way in this time for the three “C’s” you describe above. Earlier last month in a “meditation”, I began to take note of bodily sensations that appeared to me to be very direct and relevant indicators of messages coming through. Whereas in the past I had ignored these sensations, I began to quiet the mind and to listen, to notice. It’s amazing what is there waiting to meet us in the Silence if we dare to take that first step.

  • C’s trump O’s! (Back to my Free Will series) :-)
    PS. Did that second cup of Starbucks reveal any difference in “E” and “T”? :-)

  • To be frank, after the second cup, I heard the “voice” lovingly ask, “Who the hell cares!” :)

  • Ah, so you did hear from Her!

  • She has ways and means that the world knows not of!

  • Lee Bedell says don’t end a sentence with a preposition!!!!

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