Creating What You Resist!

Discussing RELIGIOUS doctrines and dogmas is easy as long as you do it within the context of your church or denomination. Things are as the priest, pastor, or minister tell you they are.

But, what do you do out in the real world?

In reality we face distinct and divergent groups and people every day. Because someone has a different sexual preference than you do should not be a reason to disassociate yourself from them. Unfortunately we have not learned the depth of many ancient Christian principles.

How about turn the other cheek and resist not evil?

Most people simply can’t dig down to the water level and comprehend the meanings. On the surface it’s easily understood that conflict doesn’t work, wars don’t solve problems, and religious crusades are the worst of evils. In the governments and churches a sure sign of trouble is when fear is brought to your remembrance.

Can you say HELL? Is there a more dibilitating fear?

Demons are small potatoes.

You see, WHAT you RESIST, you CREATE. Tell a child NO (without any explanation) and you have surely invited them to partake of the NO. How did the era of PROHIBITION work out, along with a lot of other social no-nos? Don’t give what’s wrong any POWER by resisting.

Ah, but then the question is, if you don’t resist, what do you do?

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