Discover The Energy!

Christianity has stayed alive for 2,000 years because there is profound ENERGY in some of the underlying truths. Another word for “profound energy” would be INSPIRATION. There are lots of verses that have NEGATIVE energy as well, but we’ve been given the Spirit to discern those distinctions.

Yet we have overlooked certain hidden meanings.

Until we go WITHIN and attune to the divine, and until we go WITHOUT and search other religious beliefs, we will deny ourselves some of the most powerful ENERGY available. Exploring other religions brings focus to universal truths. We are children of ALL- of the universe, not just of our traditional religion.

Creation is the child of the creator of which we are in part

The thinking mind cannot wrap itself around the subject of mysticism, nor handle the diversities of varied religions until a degree of maturity in the Spirit has been attained. The thinking mind simply records various concepts, teachings, doctrines, and dogmas, and then dumps them in the subconscious bin of our being.

Then when least expecting it our subconscious mind makes a decision on its own because that’s how we’ve unknowingly programmed it- us. Every day, and silently, we journey through life making decisions unaware. Don’t you think things would be better if we discovered the true energy of all the wisdom of all religions, especially that of our own traditions?

What think you?

3 Responses to “Discover The Energy!”

  • I concur with your statements and question. I always wondered growing up and raised in a pentecostal religion why only the A/G church was gonna make it and that God made an awful lot of people KNOWING he was gonna have to burn 99% of them for all eternity, except for those that were SAVED and attending the A/G churches of course. How sad is that deception to live under most of your life?

  • Carol- Now you are not only SAVED, but DELIVERED as well (from religious BS)

  • And it is so freeing, I now feel LOVED by a GOD of LOVE as He says He is.

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