Don’t Blame God

We live in a “blame-shifting” environment!

We have become such a litigious society, especially here in America, that lawsuits and attorneys have gone amuck. There is no end to the number and amount of multi-million dollar law suits underway. This philosophy is an under-pinning for why the Federal government is growing. We All feel that we are ENTITLED, and politicians see it in their best interest (to get reelected) to dole out entitlements.

Know what I mean?

How is it that we as a society can have 50% of the people in America NOT PAY TAXES? And how is it that we can sustain a society wherein 549% of the people get monthly checks from the Federal government in some form or fashion? How is it that 40,000,000 people can be on food stamps and not begin to feel embarrassed and angry at those who are providing them, and in that point fingers of blame?

And ultimately, if nothing works, WE BLAME GOD!

God created the world. God did it. God is all-powerful and so all of this suffering has to be put at his feet (a metaphor of course). But, in all reality, this field of energy (psychology-sociology) that we live in must find the BLAME in the mirrors to which we gaze. Life on earth is an out-picturing of human consciousness. In essence, it WE, it is ME that need to accept the BLAME!

Are you ready to change yet?

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