Drive-by Insights?

We’re seeing way too many drive-by shootings in America these days!

We are also seeing way too many drive-by intuitive insights. What?

Everyone has some degree of insight, intuition, or prophetic residue to have a far greater grasp on things than we currently demonstrate. I am sure everyone has had an experience where you were just standing around minding your own business and BOOM! Out of nowhere you were hit with a prophetic word, an intuitive thought, a word of caution, a clairvoyant message.

And then it never happened again for a few months, maybe even years.

One would think that after a taste of such delicious events that we’d pursue whatever it was; however, we seemingly get caught up in the world, life, and things that the ego thinks are important. We have these spiritual gifts waiting to be opened. However, to grow such amazing gifts, we have to set the table. We have to prepare the soil of our life though intention, quietude and contemplation.

We have to prepare the rich soil of our being by adding the fertilizer of spirit, the water of the word, and the warmth of unconditional love.

Put it all together to be more than we are and WATCH OUT! The drive-by insights will become daily pronouncements.

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