Free To Live!

We live in America where our rights are being stripped from us almost monthly!

The NANNY state that we are creating is looking into every aspect of our life and telling us what we can and cannot do. The story out of North Carolina forcing a child to eat the school cafeteria food because it was more healthy than the sack lunch that his mother had fixed is just way too over the top!

Many of the freedoms that we enjoyed a decade ago, pre-NINE ELEVEN, simply have vanished.

Unfortunately some of our greatest imprisonments come from the religions of the world. Having grown up in religious bondage, it’s near impossible to know that we’re not free. Walter Starcke wrote, “If we can look at our myths in a new way, freed of traditional interpretations, some of the old unconscious blockages can be flushed out.”

But, if your religious community has one way and it’s their way only, growth is going to be stunted.

So, how FREE are you really? Have you even questioned such a concept?

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