Free Will- #1

Obviously people who read articles realize that they are reading the VIEWS of the author. My views have changed GREATLY over the years, especially as it relates to RELIGION.

Having grown up in a liberal Baptist denomination north of the Mason-Dixon line and then moving to Texas where all things pure were Southern Baptist, I had a confusion going on in my life about a lot of religious concepts such as FREE WILL.

Is free will really FREE?

But even before that question can be answered, the initial question must be asked. Is there such a thing as FREE WILL? Can I make decisions on my own without the influence of some being out there behind the stars dictating how my life should be lived simply because this HE (why a male you ask?) created me and thinks HE has the right to determine my life.

This brings me to the concept of DETERMINISM which my philosophy class in college helped add more confusion to the equation. I was confronted with soft and hard determinism (not relevant to explain here) and compartments of determinism such as: physical, social, psychological and other issues. Way too complicated for an eighteen year old.

So, let’s bring out some SACRED COWS for the slaughter and get real with the concept of FREE WILL.

I was trained in my early religious beliefs that God FOREORDAINED, FOREKNEW, and DETERMINED my life, before the foundation of the world. I never questioned it. It was right there in the King James Bible! What my pastor said, I believed. In essence my formula was that God was OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT, and OMNISCIENT! So with that doctrine in hand, all else had to fall in line.

Where am I now?

>Omnipotent? No
>Omniscient? Smarter than we are
>Omnipresent? Yep (Today we call it non-local)

So with that as an introduction, on to part two tomorrow. -:)

2 Responses to “Free Will- #1”

  • What are your thoughts on the three “O” words if they ended in “ce” rather than “t”? Not sure where I am on that but Omnipotence feels more expansive and inclusive to me than Omnipotent.

    I’ll have another latte and ponder more deeply… :)

  • I once studied all of that and came back with the simple answer: noun & adjective. :-)
    And, I am already on my 3rd latter.

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