Free Will- #2

I am sure that there are many who can’t believe that I don’t think GOD is Omnipotent and Omniscience. Blasphemy! Of course I know there are many who are not surprised because they have doubted my salvation in the first place.

I am going to hell, so they say, even if I don’t believe in such a place. :-)

So, essential and fundamental to the concept of FREE WILL is of course the role of God in our life- all life. So, I will spend part two of this series on my view of Omnipotence, and tomorrow I will tackle Omniscience. One cannot have a position on FREE WILL it. I deem myself as a “pragmatic idealist” which means (according to Ernie) I view life as good, I am an optimist, I want the best live can give; however, I am realistic about what is out there that goes “bump in the night”.

Thus, I am more interested in what WORKS here on earth than what happens on the other side of the veil.

God the creator, ground of being, Consciousness, et al., was omnipotent in the beginning. However, SHE (leaving the gender trap) decided that life would be BORING to just create robots or automatons doing whatever SHE wanted. God was looking for some action, some excitement, so SHE gave us FREE WILL.

Show me whatcha got dude!

Thus we were given FREE WILL (it’s limited and I will deal with that later on). I also have this crazy thought pattern that unconditional love (how I see God) demands unconditional freedom. Why would God want to create beings with no self determination or at best with a “watchful eye” observing and commenting on our every move? Tell me what JOY one (even a God) in that?

Let me add one caveat. I am talking about life here in the third dimension. When we’ve done our run here on earth and we transition to that next “somewhere’, then God’s totally OMNIPOTENT. In other word God WINS in the END, but that END isn’t here on the third rock from the sun.

It’s in a far more exciting place, or should I say every place? -:)

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