Free Will- #3

I’m really comfortable with where I stand on OMNIPOTENCE (not) and OMNIPRESENCE (yep); however, I’m a bit conflicted on this OMNISCIENCE thing; however, I haven’t let that stop me from wading in with an opinion.

Without sounding trite one would have to agree that if ther universe was created by a DESIGNER, that Source-Force was one smart cookie1

Omniscience is the capacity to know everything infinitely! That’s one tall order, unless you are God of course. Is God ALL-KNOWING? Does HE-SHE know everyone of my thoughts, knows what color of a car I will buy next year, and how many new wrinkles I will get on my face in 2020 (Assumes SHE knows I will live that long).

Obviously the question is the dynamic relationship between KNOWING and FREE WILL!

So, I have a few questions:

>Why would God want to PRE-KNOW everything?
>Wouldn’t that be BORING?
>Wouldn’t KNOWING be painful, seeing how much junk-trauma there is in the world?
>Is Omniscience really compatible with FREE WILL?

Wouldn’t the concept or one akin to “Open Theism” seem more realistic: religious doctrines notwithstanding? Open Theism is based on God as the Living God. The five most fundamental attributes of God are that God is: Living, Personal, Relational, Good, and Loving. In essence God created us for a RELATIONSHIP God is LOVE! That said, who would want a spouse was predictable, knowable in all things now and in the future?

Don’t answer that!

Isn’t a relationship one where the parties can be open to influence, changed through the prayers, decisions, and actions of one another? Isn’t life a MYSTERY and in that regard FRESH and EXCITING even to God? I see God as experiencing LIFE and ITSELF through each of us. We are each a PART of that WHOLE. Every morning for years when i wake up I ask the DIVINE what it would like to do today (that would be both ME and THEE).

Yes, God is OMNISCIENT about way more things that I could ever KNOW; however, when it comes to this little grain of sand on planet earth, ME thinks God is enjoying the excitement that the ME provides on a daily basis. I’m here to provide relationship and work out life together with the One that is within, much like couples do in a marriage, albeit on a more dynamic level.

Tomorrow we start looking at the PRACTICAL aspects: the LIMITATIONS of FREE WLL as I see them.

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