Gnostic Religion

As I was pondering some of the orthodoxy of my Christian faith, this rainy Sunday, I wondered what my life would have been like had there not been such an emphasis on a patriarchial deity. Would I have been a better husband? What is gnosticism had won out the day 2,000 years ago: how would things be today? And with the discoveries at Nag Hammadi, how have the gnostic gospels changed some of our thinking, if at all? After all gnostic religion is greatly different than orthodox religion as we know it.

The gnostics (and they were many different sects of course) were basically the forerunners of today’s movement to more of a spiritual approach to life than a religious one. There isn’t an exclusivity between the two, but enough differences to have made the proto-orthodox crowd do all they could to destroy any evidence of such heretical views.

What was it that caused Constantine in 325 and Athanasius in 267 to demand that all gnostic works be burned or destroyed?

We know some of the answers because of recent archaeological discoveries.

>They were wary of the institutional church, especially Rome.
>They were basically free of sexism.
>They were unburdened by guilt and sin fires that the church kept burning at each service.
>They were tolerant of diverse views

Because of these and many other views, they were banned and driven out of the mainline Christian community. They had to bury and hide their works- to be discovered two thousand years later. As more and more discoveries come to light (like the Gospel of Thomas) what impact, if any, are they having on modern-day Christian thought?

I think the answer is in the process of being determined.

Gnostic religious views, spirituality is on the increase while religion is taking some serious loses.

4 Responses to “Gnostic Religion”

  • Do you have a position on the Gospel of Thomas, do you think the author was Jesus’ twin brother?

  • I’ve just started studying the Gnostic Gospels. At first it was very hard to push aside what I had been taught from a child about Jesus, the bible, God etc….I’ve come to the conclusion that we have been mislead by our religous leaders…I now believe that we live in an evil world and that the anti-christ has been here all along in the form of “religion”. If people would start questioning what was being told to them instead of believing what they tell you in church on Sunday mornings, this world may have a chance of showing the ONE TRUE GOD that we weren’t a mistake and we do need his help in every way. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong in this world because of the way people are then you definitely need to study to Gnostic Gospels. May God help us all.

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  • It is so comforting to read the Gnostic Gospels. My Daddy died when I was 9 years old. I spent most of 18 months in a tree talking to God. We established an understanding. Now I am 58, and think I have always been a Gnostic. Just had no idea.

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