God Doesn’t Forgive?

Talk about going against the grain!

We’re told by Jesus that we are to forgive 70 x 7 or 490 times, if you take that literally. We’re to forgive eternally, if you take that metaphorically. So, here’s the question. Why would God ask us to do that which he-she won’t or doesn’t do? When God kills tens of thousands of people (in the Old Testament) and assign BILLIONS to an eternal hell, where’s the forgiveness? Where’s the love in that?

When Jesus forgave, the Pharisees were upset.

When Jesus told the Pharisees they could forgive the sins of others they were even more angry.

But, what IF, and this is a big IF indeed: what if God doesn’t forgive at all. Could that be a possibility? Well, form me it is. I embrace the concept that God does not forgive because God does not JUDGE. What’s to forgive when you don’t judge? Now, that’s truly something to chew on. Unconditional love is really what it says it is?

Can you handle such love?

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