There are so many names and metaphors for the Creator and the name that we choose says a lot about who we are.

The most popular name in the Occidental world is GOD! And so, what does that mean anyway? Does God have a gender? Is God a person as the many Creeds allude? What are the traits and qualities of this Creator of the world that goes by the generic name of GOD? The answer is most often that it depends upon the denomination out of which you were taught.

There’s neither good nor bad in that name. It just carries a lot of superstitions that work occasionally.

Then we have the name that Jesus brought to the table which is FATHER: in fact, Abba Father. Of course that’s a metaphor because God really isn’t MALE, nor did he birth us in the physical way in which an earthly Father does. I use the word Father most often when I’m feeling vulnerable (Fathers protect), or when I need help.

Father God is a phrase used by many in their prayers.

And then there’s the word-metaphor that I use most often- FORCE! It’s not because of the movie Star Wars. It’s a name much like Consciousness or Ground of Being that comes from my scientific left brain thinking. God is this high frequency vibration- the WORD that became FLESH. That in no way demeans or takes away from the fact that God is LOVE. In fact, many scientists see God as a torsion field: unconditional love.

Regardless of the NAME (and I’ve only used Western terms), are you BEING that divine nature that resides within us all, which in fact, IS who we really are?

2 Responses to “God-Father-Force?”

  • I’ve been using “Life Force” or “Life Force Energy” in my prayers as of late. It seems to carry more potency and allows for an opening to realization. Of course, I may drop it tomorrow when I discover that the words amount to merely “touching the robe” of the proverbial Garment.

  • Whatever MOOD I am in determines the NAME of DEITY for that NOW meoment.

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