He Came To Save The World!

It must be something that is in the water! Ronald Reagan, Pat Robertson, Caspar Weinberger, the late Jerry Falwell, and all those millions who bought the Left Behind series believe the end is coming soon. Of course many on the far right wing of the religious political spectrum have been bleating the RAPTURE for centuries! Alas, we’re still here!

Pakistani Islamic Fundamentalists brag that before 2010 they will control the army and therefore the nuclear weapons. And we worry about Iran that does not yet have what Pakistan already does?

Almost 50% of the American public believes that the Biblical prophecies that the earth will be destroyed by FIRE is a foretelling of a nuclear war. Whatever happened with the concept that the New Testament is spiritual in nature?

Christian fundamentalist have become increasingly apocalyptic!

What about the message of love, compassion, grace, forgiveness, and the Kingdom of God? Has the Cross failed or are we failing to discern WHO Jesus was and still IS? Jesus came to save the world and I believe He is more than capable.

We still have to deal with the “fundamentalists” though of every religion that are hell bent on killing everyone that’s not of their ilk.

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