Healing Conditioning

The mantra in the book, Healing Codes, starts off as follows- “I pray that all KNOWN and UNKNOWN negative images, unhealthy beliefs, and destructive cellular memories…..”

It’s a scientific fact that all that has ever happened to us is recorded in the CELLS of our body: believe it or not! It’s also an established fact that everyone has been so enculturated by the environment, that we really don’t know who we are, or what we’re to be doing here on earth.

That leads me logically to the conclusion that we’re “living a lie“!

At our core, our true nature, and who we really are evolves around our divinity!

But, in order to come to that conclusion and to walk in those realities we have to be healed of our CONDITIONING! Spirit-Consciousness-Creator-God is an UNCONDITIONED Force (the word “Being” has too much baggage attached to it), whereas we are CONDITIONED realities. In order for our evolutionary process to move from EGO to ESSENCE, we have to be healed, delivered, or stripped of our conditioning.

By the way, it’s a major operation taking far longer than we desire. But, the alternative is more costly.

PS. Tomorow (Saturday) I will begin a 5 part series on FREE WILL

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