Higher Consciousness?

Is there another way to be SAVED other than by JAY-ZUS?

Is there another religion that can lead you to God other than Christianity?

Many will answer NO to both questions; however, I would submit to you that facts would show that those answering NO are a rapidly dwindling number of people. There are lots of reasons why that’s a diminishing demographic. One of the major reasons is that the earth is growing smaller and smaller.

We no longer live in the ISOLATED FIFTIES!

Our neighbors are Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, Agnostics, Atheists, and so forth. We have access to “other Bibles” and sacred works. Recent history has given us now insights that those who wrote the King James version of the Bible had access. And, we are now drawing distinctions between the OBJECTIVE and the SUBJECTIVE.

Once upon a time I interpreted the Bible LITERALLY (only).

Now I see such statements attributed to Jesus that he’ll draw all men to him if he is lifted up as something more than a PERSONAL statement from a MAN named Jesus. I now interpret that statement SUBJECTIVELY meaning when we lift our (Christos) consciousness higher we realize that we’re attached to the Source and that we’ll ALL ONE.

A literal interpretation is a good place to BEGIN your spiritual journey, but it’s not a good place to END.

Have you stopped growing?

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