Homo What?

That is the question. The answer is far more elusive.

The question isn’t one of gender preference, but cosmic collectivity. Say what?

James Gardner writes, “The universe is not simply anthropocentric, that is, friendly to humans, but biocentric, friendly to life itself.” Now we’re swimming in deep waters. This is no place for the timid of spirit, nor the religious of righteousness. The universe is far more advanced than religion, deeper than philosopher, and still beyond the reach of the greatest scientists. We humans are still speaking in metaphoric language.

I’m ready to come up with some new metaphors.

The game isn’t to trash what has been, nor what is, but to build on the foundations of past generations. Every culture has their understanding of things divine- things profane. We are but the latest stage of homo sapien development. Where do we sapien sapien homos go? That is truly a good question. The universe is discovering itself through you and I, through the collective consciousness that is building ever so slowly, but surely.

Homo Luminous maybe?

How deeply can you IMAGINE?

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