I Am (is) God

If one doesn’t use ancient King James religious language, some Christians will label you a heretic or maybe a member of a cult organization. The religious definition of a cult is anyone who has ideas that don’t agree with yours. Thus, the world is full of cults. But, I digress. God has a NAME and it’s not God, it’s I AM!

Various cultures name God based on their religious traditions. This Creator of the universe is called God by Christians, Yahweh by Jews, Allah by Muslims, Vishnu by Hindus, and so on. But, in reality, God’s name and more importantly, His nature, is I AM. Admittedly, it takes some time (a lot of time for most) to get the concept down.

In the Christian text (Exodus 3), Moses is being commissioned by this God and he wants to know who he can tell the people it was that has sent him. God says, “I AM that I AM. Tell them that I AM has sent you to them.” I’m sure Moses stood with his mouth wide open in disbelief. So, God added, “I AM is my name FOREVER: this is my title in EVERY generation.”

Okay now. What’s all this mean? What’s the esoteric meaning here?

We are one with I AM. We cannot separate ourselves from I AM which is our essential being and nature. In the film and book, the “Moses Code” there’s this secret (so they say) that’s in the form of a comma! I am THAT (comma), I AM. I am what? I AM whatever I AM looking at. I AM whatever I AM feeling. I AM my imagination which is more than mind, more than my conscious thoughts.

Since ALL the world is connected, I AM whatever it is I see.

Too many see poverty, lack, and fear. All of these are things that come from WITHIN so in order to change from fear to faith is by way of a SUBJECTIVE appropriation of the OBJECTIVE hope. We lvie inside out. I AM that (add a feeling and a thing here) and after casting your bread (thoughts) on the water for a season, it will come back to you.

Spirit, Consciousness, Christ, God, and I AM are ONE! Are you BEING? :-)

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