I Will Follow You!

Remember the movie, Sister Act? How about the song?

“I will follow Him…Follow Him wherever He may go,…And near Him, I always will be…..For nothing can keep me away….He is my destiny”. Such an uplifting song with such a powerful messages: which is what? Who or what are you following?

That a critical LIFESTYLE question.

So, WHO are you following? That applies at many levels of life. We follow parents, employers, friends, and IDEAS. All of those can benefit you or hinder your spiritual journey. And then there is the WHAT that you might be following such as a denomination, church, culture, intuition, higher consciousness, inner guidance, or philosophy. Did you realize it was this complicated? On the subconscious level it’s pretty complex.

When Jesus says on numerous occasions to “Follow Me” wha’s your interpretation of that command? It wasn’t a question like, “will you follow me”? Did he mean follow the person-individual named Jesus? Or, did he mean follow the example, the spirit within me- the CHRISTOS? Your answer could change your life.

The easy answer is, I am following GOD!

The hard answer is: your definition of “god” is what?

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