I’m Not God…………But!

I guess you know that a lot of people think that they are god!

I’m not one of them, but those who know me already understand that point. What some do have difficulty with is when I say that there is a part of me, the Ernie that they can SEE, that is pure, undefiled, has never sinned, and is DIVINE. Oh, now that rattles some cages. However, the same applies to every human being. We all possess what I call the “divine pilot light“.

Ever wonder why the Scriptures tell us to not judge anyone by what we SEE?

We all have the CHRISTOS light and force within us. May the force be with you Luke, and you Jonny! Sometimes when you draw or make a comparison by contrast what’s not understood becomes a little clearer. Let me make two illustrations that have helped me.

>CONDITIONED-UNCONDITIONED: We have all been infected by the culture we live in. We’ve been enculturated or conditioned by life. God is hasn’t be conditioned. God is unconditioned spirit.

>DERIVED-UNDERIVED: I came from someone else and I’m not talking about my parents though that too is valid. My spirit was derived from the only Cause, Source, and Force. God IS and always has been, thus God is un-derived.

Once we come to understand that were it not for that Force that is all CAUSE (unconditioned and un-derived), we’d not have the pilot light or Force within us that came from the LIGHT that “flicked my Bic“. Comprende?

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  • We see, but not with spiritual eyes. Holy Spirit says Come. Jesus says This way. God says, Your’re Home. We have been conditioned to think like everyone else or you are wrong or going to Hell. We call someone who protects their turf as gang members, thugs, thieves, etc. We call those who have certain beliefs that we don’t agree with as, radical, right wing, left wing, hateful, racist, wrong, etc. I will take God’s label of me only. Love

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