Irrational Beliefs?

All religions have elements of SUPERSTITION: some a lot more than others.

Speaking for just that religion within which I was instructed for decades, Christianity has embraced a superstition which at its CORE has led many into confusion and others totally away from belief in any God at all. What is so interesting is the number of Department heads of RELIGION in our universities who were once even Bible FUNDAMENTALISTS and now are agnostics.

Say what?

Bart Ehrman is one who comes to mind; however, his is a journey is seemingly looping back around, as has been the case of many. Until one comes to the place where they can acknowledge that the Bible is INSPIRING, but not INERRANT, I don’t see how one can be honest with themselves.

It’s a FACT that most who BELIEVE in Biblical INERRANCY live or grew up in the Southern part of America.

Most Christians north of the Mason-Dixon BELIEVE in God through the person of Jesus. If you come from a Catholic background, you are used to stating the ever important TRADITIONS of the Apostles or Nicene Creed as an example. However, did it ever occur to you that there’s no mention of BELIEF in the BIBLE in those creeds?

Here is what two interesting studies discovered.

1-More people REVERE the Bible than READ the Bible.
2-Most young people who claim they are Christian have read Harry Potter books completely, while very few have read more than half the Bible.

Facts! And might I also add this question? If God wrote a book, wouldn’t you want to read it?

Think about it!

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