Life After Death

I’ve not made that journey, nor have a had a NDE, so I’m having to rely upon others who have done that trip (most a round trip) or who seem to have some credibility when talking about such.

Can we communicate with the dead?

What was once a taboo topic and something that could get you branded as a heretic, is now more fashionable. It’s not just coming from eclectic TV shows or vanity press mini books, but common discussion among seemingly sane individuals. I do know some of them.

Could life after death be EVOLUTIONARY as life before death has been?

Why have some people had a NDE that was scary while others experienced a beautiful white light, love, and warmth? Do we carry our departing level of consciousness with us into the next world (and I’m not talking about conventional wisdom that brings you back here on earth for a return visit- in whatever form).

Must the concept of reincarnation be limited to visits to the third rock from the sun?

Maybe the Catholics weren’t that far off with their concept of Purgatory: they just didn’t develop it enough. No one religion has a franchise on the afterlife because it’s something that we all get to experience. But, neither do I see the afterlife as Homer did in Hades, nor certainly as Calvin did in his Hell.

Ah, it’s fun to speculate now isn’t it.

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