Never Can Say Goodbye!

For those old enough, savvy enough, and mature enough, the title is a song written by Clifton Davis and sung primarily by Gloria Gaynor. But, that’s just a coincidence to what I want to share. :-)

Every time we think we’ve had enough (of our ego), we discover there’s yet more!

The journey of life in a macro sense is from EGO to ESSENCE: from MIND to HEART. That twelve inch move from the brain-head-mind down to the heart is a major operation on our psyche. The ego never goes away. After all, it usually takes half of our physical life to build it up. We’re not going to tear it down over night.

You remember the saying about Rome, right?

The key is to understand that while we can never say goodbye to the ego, we can’t let it control us, or cause us to identify with it. Gina Lake writes (about the ego), “It doesn’t disappear, but it is no longer the dominant influence and the central player.” Getting there isn’t easy.

We all IDENTIFY with who we ARE because the EGO has defined us, described us.

Our thoughts about ourselves came from the EGO. Until we come to the place where we STILL our mind-ego, and begin to listen to that still small voice within (our essence-spirit-consciousness), we will be constantly bombarded by the false directions of the ego which dislikes everything but itself. Stepping outside of who we’ve been taught that we are (by our ego) is basically what Christian writers call being “born again”. It’s an awakening to who we truly are.

Have you ever wondered if you’d like to be around YOU, if that were possible? I just had a conversation with someone who looked in the mirror and said….NOPE! In other words, this individual is ready to begin the journey of saying goodbye to the ego and welcoming their true essence (salvation-transformation).

Have you been there?

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