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Do you believe that a person can touch something and as a result pick up the energy from the object and KNOW certain things about the individual or object?

Do you believe in the Bible? How about more specifically Acts 19:11-12? “God did extraordinary miracles through Paul, so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick, and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them.”

Psychometry is a cousin of the Acts 19:11-12 story.

Psychometry is energy transference: from an object (napkin) directly or indirectly through intermediaries. More specifically it is a form of extra-sensory perception characterized by the ability to make relevant associations from an object of unknown history, by making physical contact with that object.

I’ve taught it and our spiritual community has practiced it on several occasions. The last time we engaged in psychometry it involved eleven oak trees that are between 200 and 300 years old. People meditated, stood before the trees, touched the trees and read the massages. The messages weren’t as pertinent as the fact that multiple numbers of people got the same READ.

More than interesting?

Everything in the universe vibrates and we have a divine tuning fork within us that resonates with the Creator. When’s the last time you ATTUNED to that resonance? Would you know it if you did?

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  • Our home group prayed the power of love and miracles into a handkerchief and gave it to a woman who came every week wanting prayer for herself and her classroom full of unruly 2nd grade kids. Christian school with less than 50% from christian homes. There was a man there who was full of wild stories all the time and we loved it when he was there. I dont think the pastor cared for him though because he rode a harley to church with his wife on the back (they were probably close to 60) and he smoked and maybe even drank… but I dont know. He taught on Acts 19 a while the asked for a clean handkerchief and folded it up held it in his hands a few minutes with his eyes closed, then bent down and prayed over it silently a few seconds and said to pass it around the circle (maybe 15 people). Then he gave it to Teresa. I dont remember everything Sonny told her to do, but she was back the following week full of incredible stories. They were all good, but the one I remember the most was a little girl had hurt her hand at school (nail polish on all fingers) real bad and her mom took her to doctors office and he removed a fingernail that had been ripped back and was hanging by bloody skin. Teresa said it was still very sore and she asked her if she thought Jesus could heal her and the girl said I dont know but it was ok for Teresa to pray for it so she did. A little while later, out on the playground the girl came to her and said her finger felt weird and the bandage was bothering her so they pulled off some of the tape and looked inside the gauze. A brand new full length fingernail was there with the same color nail polish as was on it when she got hurt. All of the other fingers were without the polish. The girl said there was alot of blood on that hand and the nurse that was cleaning and wrapping it took off all the polish on both hands. Teresa said she didnt take out the cloth in her pocket she just had it with her all week and alot of good things had happened that week. Thanks for reminding me of this. I think I thought it was witchcraft at the time for an inanimate object to be empowered and Sonny had to kind of teach on it a while before we all said we would do it. We carried on with the regular group meeting as it was passed around the circle to each people one at a time. I think there might have been a few who werent sure and just passed it on. I dont think our pastor liked Sonny because he was kind of a wild guy for a baptist church, smoked cigarettes, rode a huge motorcycle with his wife on the back both were around 60. Seems like they thought he drank too. He was a very unconventional looking christian (no stained glass appearance about them) and the pastor did not want him around and ran him off if he couldnt clean up his act. That’s sad.

  • Quite a novel mam! But I wonder how he did miracles when he smoked and drank? :-)

  • That’s the reason I’m telling this. Like I think I probably know maybe a dozen or so believers who smoke something and drink wine. Two of the biggest no-nos in fast growing denominations.
    Well I promise you my little baptist mind couldnt quite figure it out….. I was amazed at the fruit coming off that tree. It didnt really bother us what he did because Ed and I knew how full of love those people were. Love is definitely the key ingredient. Good example of how ego gets, gots, will get in the way and block the power. Oh what little people attached to such big heads.

  • Lynne McTaggart’s book The Field is a great read. She talks about all kinds of cutting edge science, in layman’s terms, but a lot of it would be unbelievable to most people. It’s looking at consciousness from the science perspective.

    Personally, I believe that as we go forward, science and spirituality are going to align. Science will “prove” spirituality, especially these kinds of things we think are so strange, but are undeniable.

    There’s so much we don’t understand. God is so much bigger than we let ourselves believe. We forget that there are accounts of things happening in the Bible that are pretty far-out.

    For example, I have seen bright white light shoot out from a person’s eyes. I know what I saw. I understand it, at a cetain level and how it pertains to me, but I can’t explain it. And I know quite a few people who have had “weird” experiences.

    My perspective is that I just interpret these things with faith — God is in charge, love conquers all, no need to fear, it’s ok if I don’t understand everything.

  • She’s a great author and I have read all of her books

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