Retrocognition & Deja Vu

In the movie, The Matrix, Neo sees a cat walk across the room and when he looks a second time the cat was doing it again. Immediately all were informed that there has been a time slippage and they were in trouble.

Have you ever felt like you’re doing something you’ve done before?
Have you felt like you’ve been in a certain location once before?
Is it retrocognition which is akin to deja vu instances or something else?

Many in the East and a growing number of people in the West believe in reincarnation, metempsychosis, palingenesis or transmigration of the souls. It’s easier to BELIEVE in reincarnation than it is to define the other synonyms used in the last sentence. When someone says that they believe in reincarnation, that can embrace many different streams of thought.

Are you coming back to earth as an animal or human?

What we do know is that we are eternal beings. What were we before we came here to earth? What will we be when we shed this bio-chemical shell, called our body, and move on to another from? While words often escape us, what doesn’t leave us is that there are just some mysterious thoughts and feelings that tell us “we’ve been here and done that”, BEFORE!

Think about it- AGAIN!

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