The 3-Letter Word- GOD!

We’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t: use the word God!

Over the years I have increasingly tried to get away from the WORD, GOD. Like so many well-worn words and or concepts, we have attached meanings to them that are out-dated, not true, or misleading. I prefer words-concepts such as: Consciousness- Ground of Being, Spirit, Creator, Light, Truth, Presence, Divine, etc. The word(s) that I use is heavily dependent upon my mood.

When I’m feeling vulnerable or weak I use the word Father.

“God is not a thing, nor a Person, but an experience of our higher Consciousness. ” Walter Starcke

Religions are basically man-made constructs within the context of the geography and era from which they arose. Surely even the least educated would be able to see this. It doesn’t matter what name the religion gives to its deity, one of the common problems is that the promises are in the FUTURE.

Do this today and tomorrow your blessing will come. Lead a good life and you’ll have a great mansion in the sky known as heaven. Confirm to the rules of the particular religion and your reward will follow. Of course this Being is outside of us, somewhere in the universe of stars and galaxies.

Wonder why so many religions also speak of the God WITHIN, but shy away from what that means?

Until we get free from the BONDAGE of what centuries of accumulated nonsense has brought to the WORD- GOD, the Kingdom that Jesus spoke of will continue to allude us. There’s the TRUE God which is unconditional love and there’s the false God that’s conditionally loving.

Which one do you embrace?

What do you call the Creator of all life?

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