The 3rd Anointing?

Maybe the word anointing isn’t the right one.

Maybe what I am feeling and sensing is more of a third approach, the 3rd time is a charm, or something similar. I began my journey with the likes of Napoleon Hill and Norman Vincent Peale. My first anointing was one of POSITIVE THINKING. I prefer being around optimists over pessimists any day; however, optimism is just the opening play and not the end game.

The Power of Positive Thinking by Peale was a grand book and awakening.

Not being satisfied with what could and did come from my mind, I ventured into the realm of the mystics and followed such people was Joel Goldsmith and many others. This took my deeper into the contemplative lifestyle and into a second anointing that I called MENTAL TREATMENT. It was more or less a half-way house where the mind and spirit worked together.

Somewhere about five years ago I began to align with concepts that words could not describe. I could sense movements within me and I felt sensations from way out in the universe, past our galaxy even. I’ve gotten better at describing this third anointing which I call ATTUNEMENT, but I’m still working on the true meaning.

Walter Starcke came close to the description when he wrote it this way.

“Perception is qualitative, which is to say that the situations resulting from our perceptions reflect the values inherent in our consciousness.” We are more than we have allowed ourselves to be. We are more than we can ever imagine. The question is about our desire. Do we really what to tap in, ATTUNE to who we really ARE?

What say you?

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