The “Christian God”?

Who is this God that Christians praise?

There’s not enough room here to describe what HE looks like as there are more than 8,000 Christian denominations in American alone. Granted many are the same or close to one another, but some are radically different. If we were to expand out to other non-Christian religions the scope becomes wider, more diverse.

Even the Jewish and Christian God is wildly different!

One has to wonder how this “Jewish Jesus” created this religion called Christianity. Most forget Jesus was Jewish. However, when you consider that it was the apostle Paul that that basically forged what’s known as Christianity today (along with several Emperors), one understands the distinctions.

And then there’s just GOD!

You know the Creator of the universe, the Ground of All Being, the Light, Consciousness, and the non-gendered (he-she-it), impersonal (that’ll get your attention), and Divine One. There are lots of names and titles (NOUNS) that we can ascribe to God, but please, no ADJECTIVES before the word God because in essence that makes Him-Her YOUR God.

God is not the traditional Christian God.

I know that’s fighting words for most Christians, especially fundamentalists, but doesn’t the fact that they’re fighting words say that something is amiss with your theological view of the One?


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  • God?

    The three concepts.
    1. What is required of us (service, tithes, ect…) and what we will recieve in return (healing, salvation, ect…)
    2. What happens upon death? (Afterlife or nothingness)
    3. Who makes the rules?

    I have found that answering these questions is either very simple or impossible.

    I would like to contribute a thought to be considered:
    What would you accept as proof of God so that you would no longer question that entity? Is that possible?
    IF that God appeared and was accepted, would he have a church or would each of us deal with him individually?

    Prayer is free. God is free. Joy is free. Religion is free. Even the Bible is often free.
    It is sharing God with others that has costs.

    James Minze

  • James: My answers to your questions are-
    >That I live and see the vastness of the universe is all the proof I need.
    >He appears in each of us everyday and we reject the divine.


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