The Mysterious Adventure!

Organized religion likes to make simplistic promises. Christianity says………..

>Be good and God will love you.
>Don’t sin and you will go to heaven.
>Worship God alone and blessings will follow
>Refuse to claim Jesus as Lord and Savior and burn in hell forever

The universe tells us a different story! When we look the earth, planets, galaxy, and universe what we see more confirms a messy world of both chaos and order. We humanoids though like to think we are in control and can thus with the blink of an eye and a synapse jump from one neuron to another, create our own world.

What the future holds is vague at best!

Yes, we do create much of what happens in our life by our pro-active stance, our contemplative responses, and our heart of gratitude. We are currently in the midst of great destruction and at the same time profound liberation and enlightenment. Mary Tucker writes, “The future is being created by all of us, and it is a messy and confusing process.”

Well, DUH!

The collective consciousness is on the rise but ever so slowly. We can only be responsible for that which we do, which we create. How’s it coming along in your garden?

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