The Story Of Me!

One of the more funny movies that I’ve liked is a 1999 movie entitled, The Story of Us, with Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer. But, this commentary is about the story of ME- as in US! Got it?

The key here is that we have to want the TRUTH more than we want to be SOME ONE!

The desire to be ME with a STORY is of course important to life; however, it can’t take precedence over everything else. Of course the EGO would argue the case strenuously. Given enough rope the EGO will eventually hang itself and hopefully not with you on the end with is.

EGO identification is a killer though!

I can’t tell you how many times I have been AWAKENED: smelled the roses, drank the Starbuck’s triple grande extra hot latte, and marveled at the intuitive messages. But, it doesn’t take long to fall back into the lethargic grip of the EGO and put the alarm clock of life on SNOOZE.

Religion helps this process. Remember Karl Marx and his OPIUM dictum?

It takes a lot of discipline to move from ME to the greater. I like how Gina Lake put it. “When we stop thinking, our story about ME disappears. This is proof that the ME is a fabrication of the egoic mind”. Bingo!

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