The Two Dogs?

There’s an old Indian story about two dogs: one white and one black. The question arises as to which dog will grow, which one will win if they were to fight each other. And the answer is the one you FEED is the one that wins!

So, which dog are you feeding?

Well, let’s change to metaphor to one of modern day terminology.

The black (evil) dog is our EGO, while the white (good) dog is our ESSENCE or our Spirit. Who we are is predicated on who we’re letting have the final say in our life. Are we listening to the Spirit or to that voice in our head?

The voice in your head is giving the illusion that you’re someone (instead of ONE). The mind-ego is great at imagining everything but ONENESS, as mind is threatened by Essence-Spirit. The ego is continually forming opinions of itself, what it likes and doesn’t like (opinions, judgments). And, it changes what it likes to fit the circumstances.

The EGO (black dog) describes itself to itself and creates its own identity.

But we have a divine entity living within each of us. Do you know this Essence, this DIVINITY that lives within, or have you been so brain-washed by the EGO that you can’t tell what’s what? It’s never too late to learn the distinctions.

Whatcha waiting for?

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