This Is A God Of Love?

Fewer and fewer ministers of the Gospel preach hell fire and damnation these days. I wonder if it’s because they don’t believe God could condemn a person to hell for all eternity or because they want to build a crowd? I think it’s a fair question. Once upon a time, particularly between the 5th century and the 15th century, the “hell sermon” was the weapon of choice for social control by most pastors. Let me just use the rest of this days commentary to give you a sampling, and then we’ll get back to the God who is love.

“Hell is a horrid place, of torments, excruciating pain, and eternal sorrow. It is a burning place where demons with great chains will draw your soul through the gateways of hell.” Mary Baxter

“The unjust will burn so that all the just in the Lord may see the joys that they receive, and in those may look upon the punishments which they have evaded.” St. Augustine

“Each and every sentence of the Bible was dictated by God’s Holy Spirit and hell is eternal.” W. A. Criswell

“If you’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being, and you are going to hell.” Jerry Falwell


I have to go with Reginald Haweis who said, “No hell will frighten men away from sin; no dread of prospective misery; only goodness can cast hell out of any man, and set up the kingdom of heaven within.” Let us camp therein

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