We Are ALL Special!

Being a Christian doesn’t get you any special point or stars in the after-life, whatever you call such.

In fact two of the most difficult concepts that I wrestled with, for a very long time, were as follows:

>God (Creator of the universe) loves me if I’m good or bad!
>God is no respecter of persons

The apostle Peter, not the first Pope, got that insight (Acts chapter 10) but I wonder how deeply it went into him. Was he able to take it to the place where he understood that God is IMPERSONAL? Say what? You’ve really crossed the line in traditional theology. Oh yeah! I’m way, way past that line, long ago too!

God IS!

My higher consciousness I define as unconditional love. God, the Creator of ALL is unconditional love. If it doesn’t matter what one does, if you’ve come to the place where you don’t believe that God rewards or punishes (that’s a biggie too), then you’re getting to that WILD understanding that God’s IMPERSONAL.

If God is LOVE, that’s PERSONAL!

Yes, but if God is love to everyone, regardless of sexual preference, color of skin, length or color of hair, tattoos or not, and Christian or Hindu, then God is in that sense IMPERSONAL. We look at LOVE here on earth as an OBJECTIVE feeling towards others, whereas the Creator of ALL, looks at love as a SUBJECTIVE IS!

I know, it gets a bit confusing, but if you’re not a bit confused, challenged, or brought out of your comfort zone, how do you grow? Tell me, how in the world do you grow?

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