We Are ALL Theologians!

When I meet someone new for the first time they usually inquire as to what to call me. Hey, that’s much better than the names I get called without my permission!

Should they call me pastor? Brother Ernie? My response is to ask what they called the Apostle Paul- simply Paul! I am sure someone called him brother Paul or apostle Paul; however, I don’t put a profession in front of a friend: electrician John or plumber David. And?

But when it comes right down to it we are ALL theologians!

And like in all fields and professions some are better than others. Some are down right pathetic, others, fairly wise. As Tony Campolo put it, “Our theologies are nothing more than our attempts to express what we believe about what is ultimately  important to us in life. Whether our theologies are sophisticated and systematic, or incoherent and overly simplistic, we all have them.”

Theology is not some esocteric discipline reserved for the high priests of “called people”. Jesus is much more than the ground of ontological ground of all being and the teleological basis for the categorical imperative of the transcendental unity of apperception! :-)

Egoic BS!

I don’t want to be embarassed by my theology. I want to represent God well- and simply! How about you?

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