Who Do You Love Most?

Have you ever had one of your two, three, or more children ask you, “Who do you love most mommy“?

I’ve yet to run across a parent who will admit that they like one of their children more than the others! Yes, there are times when dependent on their behavior you’ve thought that! Every child is different, every child has their own strengths and weaknesses. And every child was brought into being by YOU.

Unless you’re mentally not quite all together, you love all of your children the same.

Ah, but what about God? Which of His children does he love the MOST? I’d submit that God loves us ALL the same. He created us all different because God loves diversity. You need look no further than nature to see that! That also means that God loves everyone regardless of what they have done or will do (most believe that this Father-God is omniscient).

But, if you say that God is IMPERSONAL, yet personally loving that becomes a stumbling block, an oxymoron that hard to scale.

Throughout the New Testament we read of various authors or their surrogates, saying that God is no respecter of persons or that God does not have any favorites (depending upon the translation of choice). For me, God is IMPERSOANL in that he doesn’t treat me any different than a death row inmate.

Of course the world is going to make a distinction.

But, the GOOD NEWS (and there is far more than the church seems to propagate) is that GRACE doesn’t end with our physical death. Grace extends beyond the veil and thus there is NO HELL. I know that’s a tough one for the church to accept (though it’s happening more and more) because it takes away the THREAT and STICK to cause us to be good, even though centuries or preaching hell-fire-and brimstone hasn’t seemed to deter anyone.

I’m so glad God loves us ALL!

Someone needs to because we sure don’t: we sure haven’t arrived at the point yet!

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