Why Holy Spirit?

It seems to me that the light at the end of this tunnel called spiritual liminal space is getting brighter. In other words there is an increased cosmic, collective consciousness that is opening our awareness to the reality of who we are. One of the things that has to go in this spiritual awakening is the two power- duality paradigm!

The garden allegory (there was no historical Adam & Eve) introduces us to the only true sin which is “thinking” that we’re separate from our Creator. When humanity bit into the lie that there was good and evil, a daulity was established that really isn’t. And we’ve been granting power to that which has no power, of its own.

The metaphorical evil one who offered all kinds of opportunities in the forty day wilderness trial that Jesus went through didn’t have the power to offer any of those things. But, we still hold fast to the two power concept and thereby pray with words for God’s help all the while our emotions and feelings are broadcasting FEAR which cancels out the spoken words.

Religion has furthered the two-power paradigm with the description of a HOLY Spirit.

This of course advocates two concepts. First, there is the religious-moral principle that the church in it’s “sin management” environment likes to promote. Spiritual life has been boiled down to MORAL life! Morality has become the goal instead of intimacy and ONENESS with our Creator! Who thinks they can really be HOLY anyway when even Jesus said there was only ONE who was GOOD and that’s our Creator.

We embrace too many faulty religious interpretations.

Second, when we put the adjective (even if in capital letters) HOLY in front of Spirit we’ve indicated that there is another force to be dealth with and that would be the EVIL spirit. We all know that in this world, in the third dimension there is good and evil, but why the fixation with the two powers? When we TURN TO our Creator thre is only ONE POWER. When we look at things and define them as evil, we’re instantly giving power to them and to have done so is to turn away from our Creator.

Living the one power concept is not easy.

Living with the two power concept is not only more difficult, but invalid as well. I’m not advocating living in denial. Here on earth there is much evil, but I don’t have to acknowledge it to the point that it consumes me, as many do. When we transition to the fourth dimension, there is only ONE. And that would be you, me, and ALL others with the Creator regradless of what name you have called the ONE BEING that IS, WAS, and always WILL BE!

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  • I am using this page and using a nick name as to keep it non biased. I watched the Nightline face-off is satan real? I enjoyed the commentary but I saw the fear in christian I saw me as I was back then. Carlton and Deepak were good.
    I am seeking deeper posts. I am seeking the next level of converstion.
    I need a guide on this page
    On this walk I am finding the great satisfaction of higher existence. There always seem to be times that I am challenged to respond on that level.I am not always quick to respond so I escape a little.
    I realize that I’m struggling to maintain this level at times because my struggle is the fog between the 2 dimensions there I can not see who I am.
    Identity and my right to be treated fairly gets in the way.
    How do you balance standing up for what is right and staying in the right dimension? and not being a doormat at the same time?

  • well the nick name thing did not work Oh well…. anyway:) Will all responses from all pages be seen on main site?

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