You Love God?

One of the easiest things to say is that you love God.
One of the east things to do is make a salvistic confession.
One of the hardest things to do is to affirm your devotion to God.

Okay, enough already! Let’s make this simple. Psychologists tell us that there are two very simple TESTS to determine whether we love someone or something: Acceptance & Attention.

Do you affirm life generally? In other words are you good with the now, good with the features you inherited, in good shape with your neighbors, and basically in love with life as it presently presents itself? Everything is God (some may not grasp that concept) so to NOT ACCEPT life is to not accept God?

Sound fair?

Well, not everyone sees it that way. Too many see things by comparison, judge, and of course then criticize. We should not be living in a dualistic world: an US versus THEM paradigm and mindset. Jesus modeled acceptance and when we do as well we are basically affirming out LOVE for the one who created them- God!

What we FOCUS on we love. What we give our time and effort to we love. The rubber meets the road when we reveal how much time we spend in prayer, how much alone time in meditation just listening or being, and how much time we spend reading whatever sacred texts apply to this God that we serve.

Of course we objectify our subjective love of God by loving our neighbors, spending time in a spiritual community and serving….as Jesus did!

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