You Love What-Who?

There’s no way that I can get out of this point without many screaming and trash- talking my comments (and me of course).

In this library of 66-73 books called the Bible, we’re challenged by our statements that we LOVE GOD! The question is how can you love God who you have not seen and then not love your neighbor who you can not only see, but touch? How’s that work? Tell me, how does that play out anyway?

How can you love a NO-THING?

God isn’t a HUMAN though we have mightily developed our anthropomorphic views. God is not a THING though the King James refers to the Spirit as an “IT”. Listen, if God was a THANG (a Southern god if you will), then He-She-It would be LIMITED! God is ALL the ENERGY, EVERYWHERE and you either tap into, and EXPERIENCE such, or you don’t.

It’s really that simple.

As ancients have said, the closest we ever come to loving God is when we love ourselves (in the right fashion) and love our neighbors. To love God is to love AS God: unconditionally, never judging, and always giving. Now, who do you know that fits that description? Yep, there’s the problem.

Where’s our models?

Why do we have to go back 2,000 years to find such a model, which is not to overlook many who came close to the standard such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and St. Francis, to name a few.

What’s it really mean when you emotionally say, I love you God, I love you Father? What are we really saying?

6 Responses to “You Love What-Who?”

  • I think my earlier email to you is really a lot of what you just said today, and that is my ultimate wish, desire, goal…to love AS God unconditionally…I fall so short.

  • In reference to my prior statement…it is NOT Carol (spirit) that falls short it is the EGO, and the EGO can never rise to that level of consciousness…so it has to be Carol (spirit) remembering her true essence (from where she came from and was created by, of Whom she is within), right? That would be rising to a higher consciousness, right? One must become completely dependent upon their Essence within; must look within not only one’s self but every person they encounter in their day. Like looking in a mirror, you see your reflection as you look at them because you see The Essence within which is your Essence looking back at you, your mirror image.

  • Carol- Yep, I understand-understood what you meant! :-)

  • You make a wonderful point that so, so many Christians today have never really considered.

  • Don: We have far too many questions we never ask for fear of what the possible answers might show us….about us.

  • yes, yes, yes!!! what makes me happy is to see that slowly, but surely, people from all different angles are starting to see things this way …

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